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Who Denise Has Helped…

"Denise has helped me so much with my mental game. All athletes have mental stressors. As most of us have learned to live in an exhausted state of mind due to the physical demands, Denise has given me enormous strength, particularly with performance anxiety and confidence-building management. She has helped me to practice that the only pressure that matters is what we put on ourselves. Any additional pressures bring on anxiety and we then don’t do our best."

Susan K., USA Olympic & National Women’s Swim Team Member

"I publicly would like to thank Denise for this wonderful addition to my athletic performance. She has helped me with a lot of tips. Now I know how to relax and center when under pressure of a tournament. I’ll keep practicing these skills that she has given me and want to thank her."

Nicole R., Division 1NCAA Women’s Water Polo Team Member

"Denise has found a way to help the performance challenged! She knows how to raise the bar with relaxation exercises, goal setting, and self-talk techniques that got me into “the zone” quickly and helped me to stay there."

Margaret H., USA Jr. National/Zone Aquatics

"I am quick to report that Denise has truly helped me with the pressure that my parents can sometimes unknowingly put on me. My relationship with my coach and coaches has improved using the same skill techniques that I learned with Denise’s guidance. Thank you for helping me transition to a better place mentally."

Joseph P., NCAA Collegiate Football Team Member